Getting Results to Prayer

I began getting results to prayer many years ago. Those results produced substantial victories for me and my family. Today, I still use the Word of God and verbal decrees to successfully shift circumstances—but now, I’m using prayer and decrees to improve circumstances in my new community.

Almost six years ago, I left Nashville, Tennessee for a little country town with less than four thousand souls. It’s a slice of Heaven to anyone who doesn’t need shopping malls, art galleries, and restaurant chains to enjoy life. But even if you’re a person who doesn’t require the extras of city life to be happy, a godly person doesn’t want to see abject poverty in any neighborhood.

Soon after moving to my new location, I deduced the community needed the blessings of God. Riddled with poverty and petty crime, transformation was essential so I asked God for help.

Long Walks with God

Upon settling into my new environment, I took long walks with God down the dirt road next to my house. We talked about my new town and the things He desired to do here. I was eager to move mountains for Jesus, but I needed a strategy for implementing the ideas God was placing upon my heart. I was also aware it would take some time to see certain things shift; so I determined to stay the course, apply what I already knew to have victory, and trust God for desired outcomes.

Prior to my move, I had studied faith and spiritual warfare under the messaging of kingdom ambassadors like Kenneth E. Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Myles Monroe, Lester Sumrall, and Derrick Prince. In my studies, I saw that I could move mountains, shake dominions, and uproot principalities by living a godly life and making biblical decrees. I also learned if I wanted to move mountains I had to speak to them (Mark 11:23); and if I persevered, they would crumble.

Armed with the kingdom principles I had learned from the Bible and these great teachers, I was ready to implement these principles into this new adventure with God.

Producing Results Using Biblical Authority

The Lord encouraged me to use my biblical authority to decree specific mandates that would generate commerce and help to pull my town out of poverty. This was definitely a step above what I had been doing in terms of mandates and decrees. Intrigued by the opportunity to expand my reach in the spirit, I trusted God to produce dynamic results.

Upon making decrees for my town, I immediately began to see things shift.

God and I successfully closed a beer joint, arrested criminal escapees, found missing people, located missing pets, uprooted ungodly businesses, opened a small sized manufacturing company, removed some public officials from office, and most recently, stopped a tornado. Additionally, in His goodness, God has provided businesses that bless me personally; for example, I missed the yummy gyro sandwiches I could buy in Nashville; so just for me, God brought a business to town that sold gyros.

I wanted an ice cream parlor and I got it. I wanted a place to grab essentials close to home since the box stores were thirty minutes away; not only did God answer that prayer, but two Dollar General stores were opened! One location was opened ten minutes to the east of me and the other ten minutes to the west. Double portion! Most recently, I told my husband I missed bowling and it would be so cool to have a bowling alley here which would also give the young people more options for clean fun. Well praise the Lord; I just learned last week that we’re getting a bowling alley!

Using Kingdom Principles by Faith

This has all been accomplished by faith using kingdom principles and making decrees in the Name of Jesus. I am blown away by the activity in the spirit and the new economies opening up in this small country town. God is clearly on the move!

The Bible promises we can have whatsoever we desire when we pray if we abide in Him and His word abides in us (John 15:7); my testimonies are proof. There is nothing too difficult for God and when we believe, He’ll blow our minds with possibilities. I am super excited for my town and I know whatever God and I do next, it will be a blessing, and it will get us one step closer to the community He longs to establish here.

How would you like God to move in your community? What needs to shift in your home town? Is there a special community program you’d like to see implemented? Do your kids need more options for wholesome fun? Does your community need more shops, more services or more jobs? Let’s agree together to get results. I’m honored to pray with you for breakthrough. Please let me know in the comments what you’re asking God to do for you. We can agree for an amazing work in your own community.

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  • Paul Jurkonis says:

    Those personal blessings not only blessed you but also to those in your community and it is softening and preparing the hardened hearts to receive the Gospel of Jesus.
    This article will also give hope to those who have lost hope because of the godlessness actions of the past year.
    Thank you too for not calling Holy Spirit “the Holy Spirit”. Holy Spirit is not an object and when I hear or read “the Holy Spirit”, it’s like somebody had just run their fingernails down the chalkboard!
    You know, one of the Great Awakenings took place in a small Kentucky town!
    Praise God! 😊

    • Thank you so much for your comments, Paul. After the year we have endured under the oppression of the enemy, it is good to have testimonies that give people and communities hope. I am so glad you found value in my article. Be blessed and thanks for stopping by to comment.

  • JJ says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I too have seen and experienced the grace of our Lord through my personal healing and in the ways my life has prospered through prayer and lifestyle. We so need a revival and all that you are doing has so obviously blessed this community.

    • Thank you so much JJ for your comments, they are very encouraging! It’s a bonus to read that the Lord is prospering you through prayer and lifestyle; and praise the Lord for your healing! I enjoy sharing my real world experiences with my readers; I hope you will stop in again for future articles? You’re welcome any time.

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