Knowing Holy Spirit personally is foreign to a lot of Christians. Most don’t understand His operation and purpose. Generally speaking, He is the most misunderstood and least acknowledged member of the Godhead. As the divine nature, He has His own unique distinction. He is the heart of God in the earth and His role is to teach, to guide, to encourage and to empower.

Holy Spirit knows the ways and thoughts of God. He has been with God throughout infinity and they share everything. He is fiercely loyal to King Jesus and will defend the honor of the Lord when required. Holy Spirit is also soft, gentle and very kind. He’s eager to share Himself with us, leading us towards the good things of God.

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Holy Spirit Lives In Us

Holy Spirit lives within us. He makes our bodies His abode.

“And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever” even the Spirit of Truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth Him not, neither knoweth Him. But ye know Him, for He dwelleth with you, and shall be in you” (John 14:16-17).

It’s very exciting when He receives the invitation to occupy a new believer’s heart—we are His tabernacle. He makes His home with us just as God made His home with the Israelites in the Ark of the Covenant. We are Spirit’s human tabernacles and He partners with us to expand the reach of God’s kingdom.

His ultimate purpose is to magnify Jesus. This is done through us as the Lord’s Body. We are representatives of God’s kingdom. We’re called to partner with Holy Spirit to express the will and wonder of God in the earth. We manifest faith and power to honor King Jesus. Holy Spirit shows us how to do this effectively and with purpose.

To accomplish this goal, Holy Spirit guides us into all truth (John 16:13) so we are equipped to testify Jesus to the world. He can be soft and patient, or bold and fiery. His aim is to honor Jesus by cultivating the best in us so we can be our best for God.

Holy Spirit Enjoys Talking

Holy Spirit is conversational. He’s a communicator known to wake people in the middle of sleep to say something profound or prophetic. I may leave the bed to visit with Him, but sometimes I pull the covers over my head and speak to Him quietly so I don’t disturb my husband.

He also awakens us to pray. Sometimes He stirs me to chat with Him or He may ask me to pray for certain people. Others have testified awakening from sleep to pray for someone in grave danger. Those promptings kept people from fatal consequences; yet too few recognize when Holy Spirit is nudging them to pray.

He has His Own Methods

Some Christians don’t recognize His communication methods so they inadvertently silence Him. Others don’t perceive He’s a real person. In fact, He isn’t studied in-depth in many church circles or assemblies. When He is mentioned, He’s referred to as some strange and distant being too complex to grasp.

This is inaccurate; He longs to fellowship and have communication with us. He is with us and in us for relationship. Unfortunately, many don’t recognize His role and understand His mannerisms. He’s frequently overlooked and all too often stifled from expressing Himself in many services.

Holy Spirit is the Lord’s Representative

Holy Spirit is the Lord’s representative on earth endowed with supernatural power and faith. He heals, cleanses, and resurrects the natural and the spiritual dead. He shares His compassion with us through various demonstrations of miracles and acts of great faith.

If circumstances look impossible, He’s immediately on the ready to manifest God’s power for us. He also teaches us to pray so we have what we will when we make requests to God. He instructs us in godliness and wisdom so we’re positioned to operate in great faith and power.

His number one assignment is to testify Jesus in the earth (John 15:26). Our acts of faith set the stage for Holy Spirit to magnify Lord Jesus. Teaching us to live like Jesus in the earth is incredibly important to Holy Spirit. He accomplishes this through relationship with us and revealing God’s Word.

The Gift of Holy Spirit

I experienced Holy Spirit as a teenager reading a New Testament bible I received from a Gideon. Flipping through the pages of the book, my eyes rested on First Corinthians; but it was chapter twelve that drew me in. I read about presents from God. Since I had very little growing up, the gifts of Holy Spirit caught my attention. I marveled at the kindness of God—I had no idea He gave gifts to people.

Reading through the various gifts mentioned, tongues stood out to me. I decided I wanted that one. As an aspiring thespian I thought speaking in tongues was very cosmopolitan and dramatic so I was intrigued. Devoid of any teaching on the gifts of the spirit, I wondered if I would speak in Spanish or Italian.

Lying on my bed a few days later, I received the Gift of Holy Spirit evidenced with tongues. I was shocked at what came out. I thought, “This doesn’t sound like Spanish.” I prayed in tongues for several minutes, doing the same the following day. Because I had no grid for understanding the purpose, I stopped.

Several years later, I received what some Christian’s call a ‘refilling.’ I don’t know if it was a refilling or not, but after it was explained to me, I exercised the gift often.

The continual practice of praying in tongues allowed me to easily memorize hundreds of scriptures. Prior to speaking in tongues, I had to memorize by repetition. I was also shy and introverted. Praying in tongues unlocked a holy boldness in me that gave me the courage to preach the Word.

Holy Spirit is Bold

Filled with enthusiasm for the gospel of Jesus, I preached to a young guy inside a game room one evening. Holy Spirit in me was fearless. I was so bold in my zeal for God; I accosted this random guy after he finished playing a video game. At my request, he followed me outside. As he stood in front of me with his back against the wall I barked, “Do you wanna get saved?” leaving him no room to disagree.

I can only imagine what he thought as my forthrightness compelled an answer. My boldness coupled with his bewilderment was the backdrop for saying the sinner’s prayer and he received Jesus. He was my first convert.

I could feel the excitement of Holy Spirit jumping around inside me as I unabashedly testified for Jesus. I was a whirlwind, defying the devil on my quest for souls. I’d come be-bopping down the street with my King James Bible – quoting scripture for unaware souls about to get clobbered by the Holy Ghost. I was a force.

Soon after, I graduated to casting out devils and praying for people. I can’t recall how many people were healed, but I do remember the devils. They hated me. This made Holy Spirit happy. He loves this side of me.

Holy Spirit Retreats

I’m still not sure how it happened; but Holy Spirit took a backseat in my life. I fell away from God. I was so steeped in sin He had to retreat. The choices I made were too painful for Him and my rejection broke His heart. I know I made Him cry. I know I hurt His feelings. You can’t tell me any different—I know how it feels to be brutally rejected and there I was living like the devil. He didn’t deserve this.

I inserted myself into a lot of darkness. Even while sinning, I knew I was on dangerous ground. I ran in some questionable circles. Those relationships created messes that could have ruined me. It’s a miracle I didn’t end up in prison, or worse.

Eventually, like the prodigal son, I awoke from my stupor longing for a return to Jesus. In rebellion I had been chasing the wind and I was tired of running. I was also worried I would die in my sin. God had every right to wipe His hands of me and it would have been justified—when we’re in rebellion, God owes us nothing.

Thankfully, I didn’t die. I came close twice, but God’s mercy stepped in to save me. I’m grateful for His faithfulness. During that dark period, hell was my portion; fortunately, He didn’t allow me to perish. I think Holy Spirit had a lot to do with that.

He Desires Relationship

Holy Spirit was so happy when I returned to Jesus. He missed our adventures. This time, I didn’t retreat to old behaviors. Life had dealt enough blows to humble me. I was glad to be back in fellowship, but now I desired a deeper relationship with God. I knew Holy Spirit was the key.

After reading “Good Morning Holy Spirit” by Benny Hinn; my relationship with Holy Spirit took on new meaning. I made a concentrated effort to know Him better. Like Benny, I said good morning to Him every day. Soon after, I noticed a dramatic shift in my prayer life and attitude. I became more thoughtful about what I asked from the Lord. Gradually, my prayer time became more about knowing Him and less about helping me. I asked His opinion about many things.

His Opinion Matters

Holy Spirit is more than a bearer of gifts. He is wise and knowledgeable. I seek His opinion on many matters. For me, He isn’t some unapproachable being far removed from human experience. He is with us and in us; empathizing with our struggles and helping us to make intelligent decisions. This is one of His many attributes.

Jesus explains Him as our Helper but only some consult Him for direction. No one knows the will of God better than Holy Spirit. In our house, the most critical decisions are brought before the Lord and we specifically ask Holy Spirit to guide us in making the right choice.

Holy Spirit Counsels

God answers prayer but Holy Spirit counsels. In error, we’ve been taught to seek God or Jesus for counsel; but on earth, this role actually belongs to Holy Spirit.

Jesus is called Counselor in the Bible (Isaiah 9:6) but Holy Spirit acquired this title when He replaced Jesus on the earth (John 14:12; John 16:7). Although more attention is placed on Jesus and God over Holy Spirit, all three share importance. They are equal, but each one has a distinctive role.

Confusion between these roles makes it a challenge for some people to get answers to prayer. Answers come most efficiently when we know whom to address in the prayer closet. Holy Spirit shows us how to approach God and God gives us what we ask for in the Name of Jesus.

The Unknown God

For some, engaging with Holy Spirit is foreign concept. He is like the Unknown God spoken about by Paul in the Book of Acts (17:23). He’s viewed as a mysterious celestial being we don’t really talk about – unless the topic is blasphemy. Most Christian’s understand that much about Him; but in terms of knowing Him personally, the idea escapes a lot of people.

It’s unacceptable. How can we brush over the importance of Holy Spirit who is the express image of the Godhead and think we’re in obedience to the Word? Cleary, we need to change our perception. Holy Spirit is here to guide us in all things and He should be shown the same respect and honor as Lord Jesus.

The same can be said for His feelings. Connecting to us is important to Him and His feelings matter to God. Like humans, he desires attention and engagement. He doesn’t like to be blocked from our lives. We matter to Him. Don’t be fooled, Holy Spirit has emotions. The sting of repeated rejection and indifference will force Him to withdraw. Consequently, God takes it personally when Holy Spirit is mistreated. There are repercussions for insulting Him. He’s not a relic, He’s a person and He deserves our attention.

He is the Lord’s Replacement

After His death, burial and resurrection, Jesus sent Holy Spirit as His representative and replacement. He is the power of Jesus Christ in the earth (John 14:26). Just as Jesus walked with the disciples, Holy Spirit walks with us. He is the power behind every healing, every miracle and every baptism.

Through Holy Spirit we cast out devils, cleanse lepers, raise the dead, and perform miracles. He also reveals the secrets of the kingdom to us. Holy Spirit has the inside scoop on all things ‘Heaven.’

While He is here on the earth, He still communicates with Father and Jesus, so He knows what’s happening on God’s timeline. This is why it’s important to have fellowship with Him. He has inside information and strategies from Heaven. With His help, we maneuver through uncertainty with wisdom and grace, and we need Him now more than ever.

Growing in Holy Spirit

In my own life, I’m growing in my understanding of Holy Spirit. I speak to Him frequently and I enjoy my time with Him. We have fun together and He makes me laugh. I am convinced I have good health and multiple blessings because I spend quality time with Him.

People can ‘name it and claim it’ all day long, but unless they have the backing of Holy Spirit, their words are empty and won’t produce what they request. Backing is gained through relationship.

Jesus stated emphatically to have ‘what we will’ we must abide in Him and He must abide in us. Now that He is in Heaven, Holy Spirit is the one who abides.

If ye abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you (John 15:7, KJ21).

Hereby we know that we dwell in Him and He in us: because He hath given us of His Spirit (1 John 4:13, KJ21).

The Spirit of God

Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God residing on the earth. His attributes are immeasurable. His personality is bold, generous, fun and fierce; but He can also feel hurt, rejection and disappointment. When we approach Him with reverence and respect He receives us with joy, but when we’re disdainful and indifferent, He retreats and withholds His goodness. He is God’s gift to us.

And we are His witnesses of these things, and so is also the Holy Ghost, whom God hath given to those who obey Him (Acts 5:32, KJ21).

“Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven people, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven” (Matthew 12:31, NASB).

That said we shouldn’t disregard Him—ever. We may not mean to, but it hurts Him deeply when we overlook Him. Determine today to recognize His importance and ask Him for fellowship. He will gladly say yes.

Intimacy with Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit desires intimacy with God’s children. He is accessible and interested in fellowship.

Yes, He is holy and sovereign, but He is also a friend to those who want His friendship. He is eager to engage and He enjoys His time with us.

Please don’t relegate Him to the pages of the Bible or the generic prayers of a public assembly. Speak to Him directly and allow Him to respond. He loves you and He wants you to know Him personally.

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