I’m on God’s side. Conflicts rage. Even internationally, war is in the air and people are pressing us to take sides. Whose side do we take? It’s hard to form an accurate opinion unless it’s your family or country on the line. How do we know which side to choose? Do we make a choice or do we remain neutral?

Staying Neutral

Sometimes it’s best to stay neutral, especially when we don’t have all the facts. This can be difficult when outlets like news companies spin a particular narrative. Because of this, we don’t always have truth in reporting.

In matters affecting life, liberty, and the freedom to pursue Jesus, it’s important to discern between fact and falsehood. Praying Christian’s should learn to know the difference between truth and political spin. When we do not have a clear understanding of the facts backed with proof, it’s best to remain neutral until God brings some clarity to an issue.

Forced to Take a Side

Sometimes circumstances force us to take a side. When faced with a cancer diagnosis for example, there’s a decision to make: do I continue with chemo or do I stop treatment? Faced with divorce and an order from the judge to choose my mother over my father in a custody battle, who do I choose? In these cases you can’t remain neutral; you’re forced to pick a side. Once a decision is made, you hope you’ve made the right one. Time usually bears this out.

In matters where we do not possess the facts, wisdom dictates we remain neutral or refrain from forming an opinion; but is it always best to stay neutral? Is it sometimes better to take a position even when lacking certain facts?

When We Don’t Have All the Facts

When we go to the voting machine to cast our vote, do we have all the facts regarding the candidates? We don’t, but using reason and some research, we make our best decision and submit our vote. What do you do when you’re in the voting booth and you’re still unsure about whom to vote for? If you’re a Christian, you ask Holy Spirit to show you who to vote for and you vote. If we do this with confidence in the voting booth, shouldn’t we do the same in all decisions?

What if we’re facing a war? Ukraine and Russia are at odds and the United States is being pressured by Ukraine to enter the conflict. If we lack the facts surrounding the war, shouldn’t we seek the leading of Holy Spirit before we take a side? In the case of a global conflict, the wrong decision could be detrimental and we know what the Bible says about entering another man’s conflicts (Proverbs 20:3).

If the current administration leads the United States into war, how do we decipher which side to support? How do we proceed without all the facts? As American citizens, do we remain neutral? Can we remain neutral or do we have to choose a side?

When God’s Side is Neutral

Not every event we encounter has a definitive ‘us or them’ directive. There are times when neutrality is God’s decision in a situation. In some situations, God will allow the free will of people to determine outcomes. This may apply to personal decision-making or even international conflict. When we face an uncertain choice, we can look to scripture to guide us in our decisions.

The Bible contains stories of men and women caught within conflicts that required them to remain neutral. In one such conflict, King Solomon ordered the death of a child to determine the child’s real mother (1 Kings 3:16-28). During court proceedings he refused to rule in favor of either woman. In wisdom, he took a neutral position in the case. He actually rendered judgment on the child. After ordering the child be cut in two and divided among both women, the reaction of each woman confirmed who was telling the truth. One woman begged for the child’s life while the other agreed to its death.

The direction of this conflict took shape based upon the will of the people involved. In these situations, like Solomon, God doesn’t always step in, but just as He saved this child, He saves His remnant from utter annihilation. God always has a plan of protection and escape for His beloved.

Conflict in Ukraine

Most recently, pastor and prophet to the nations, Hank Kunneman shared a word from God regarding the current conflict in Ukraine with Russia. He notes the Church is to avoid taking sides. In the prophecy God plainly says, “…form no opinion.” Our obligation is to pray and to pray in the spirit for both countries. God has not disclosed why this is His directive, but it is His directive and we must obey what He is saying to the Church.

Is it possible God is testing the heart of Russia and Ukraine before He activates His intercessors? Perhaps God is waiting for specific events to unfold before He releases us to tear into the demonic strongholds surrounding this conflict? Regardless of His reasoning for decreeing we form no opinion, our obligation is to side with His will.

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I’m on God’s Side

When I don’t have enough supporting information about a thing, I seek to side with God. Sometimes He doesn’t fill in the blanks. In these moments, I walk by faith. I know when I side with His will my choice is covered in a cloak of grace. Sometimes there are consequences in these acts of faith that make me very uncomfortable, but I am learning to trust God. Taking God’s side in the election cycle of 2016 bears this out.

In the election cycle of 2016, I was blasted by a lot of people who disagreed with my stance on Donald Trump over Ted Cruz for the presidency. In fact, my choice to stand for Trump was met with ridicule, harsh treatment, and the most ungodly insults levied at me by supposed Christians. It was eye-opening to observe such vitriol over my opinion to support Trump. At least a dozen friends dumped me like a hot potato with more ragging on me for being stupid. These folks simply chose Ted Cruz over Donald Trump because they saw Cruz as the consummate Christian and Trump as the Devil’s spawn. I understood their position, but I was in agreement with Holy Spirit about God’s chosen candidate; so while most of my friends were rallying for Cruz, I rallied for Trump.

Siding with God for President Trump

About 25 years prior to the news of Donald Trump’s run for the White House I was in the home of my spiritual mother. Sitting in her oversized brown prayer-chair she asks me about my plans for the future. She asks if I’m interested in ministry or business. I reply, business. Somehow we segued into the topic of Donald Trump and his book The Art of the Deal. Then out of the blue she looks at me and says, “That’s interesting. I just heard ‘President Trump’ in the spirit.”

This word of wisdom stayed with me and was confirmed when Donald Trump decided to run for office. Based upon the information relayed to my spiritual mother all those years ago, I knew by the Spirit he was the candidate to support. With the exception of only a few people, I kept this information to myself. Keeping this information hidden added to the grief I received from other people who deemed me ungodly and called me Satan.

In this situation, my decision to support Trump despite the persecution was aligned with God’s will. I had inside information and I stood on that information until I placed my vote. My decision was an easy one. When you know, you know.

On God’s Side by Faith

Knowing isn’t always the case. I have also dealt with situations where I had to make a decision without ‘inside information’ from God. This means going forward by faith when the consequences look unfavorable. Right now, I’m involved in a dispute and so far, there’s no definitive answer from God regarding the outcome. In this case, I’m praying for the will of God to rule even if it means I’m the one to suffer. Joseph suffered greatly at the hands of family members and by people in positions of authority, yet God sustained him. In the end, God rewarded Joseph after years of suffering. Like Joseph, I am standing on God’s side by faith.

Placing Myself on God’s Side

If you’re wondering how I place myself on God’s side I do two things: I pray for discernment and I read the Word. Once I do this, He usually confirms His will. This helps to solidify a matter and I can pray into it with confidence. I pray in the spirit and with my own understanding. Then I consult the Word of God for clarity.

In studying current events against biblical history I have learned this: the operation of the devil never changes. Satan employs the same tactics today he employed in the days of old. The devil never changes in his execution. It doesn’t matter how often an execution fails, he recycles the same plays from the same playbook over and over again. We see this in current events involving anarchist groups and demagogues polluting the world with violent rhetoric. Hopefully as we grow in our discernment, we can distinguish between agendas and groups bent on destruction over those focused on what’s right.

Sometimes making the right choice isn’t so clear but a decision is required anyway. Again, I pray then seek the counsel of the Word before I employ a decision to side with one opinion over another. Unless the Lord tells me to stand down or gives me the latitude to do as I desire, I’m seeking His opinion in a situation and moving accordingly.

Choose God’s Side

Regardless of the why’s surrounding a particular conflict, I am siding with God. He has nothing to prove to me. When He makes a decision, I know it’s the right one and when it’s time to shift, He’ll make that clear.

God sees it all. The landscapes of our lives are open and bear before Him. He knows the beginning from the end and His banner over us is love (Song of Solomon 2:4). He has proven Himself to be faithful and we can trust Him in all things.

I am no different than you. God requires the same trust from me He requires from you. He is no respecter of person’s (Acts 10:34). What He does for one He’ll do for another. Faith in God’s determines whether we win or lose and when we trust Him with the outcomes, we always win.

If you’re undecided about an issue, then choose His opinion. Ask Him to show you the way and stand with Him in faith; otherwise, step back and remain neutral. It’s foolish to spew opinions without understanding the facts. God knows what’s best and He will confirm when we should proceed with a side or when to refrain from an opinion. He will lead us into all righteousness for His name’s sake. Rest assured, no matter the issue, siding with God is the best option every time.

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