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Everyone at Life Network for Women believes in fostering unity in the Body of Christ. We believe we have the courage and ability to challenge the status quo. Our faith and passion united will empower our viewers, members, and leaders to bring about not something that is just ‘big’ but something transformative. Our goal is to create a movement and to start it with women.

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Paula Today
with Paula White Cain

Paula Today is hosted by Paula White Cain. Paula is a pastor, renowned life coach, bestselling author, and speaker. Topics of her show include biblical principles, overcoming, and personal development.

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Messages with Kaya

Kaya Jones - Messages with Kaya

Messages with Kaya is hosted by Kaya Jones. Kaya is grammy award winning recording artist and a prominent conservative voice reaching millions on social media. Topics include prayer, faith, and social issues.

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Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher on Life Network for Women

Beth Fisher is an author, speaker, and development coach. Beth shows you how to read the Bible and not feel like a no-good terrible loser sinner as you do. Her latest book is “Remorseless” available everywhere.

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Getting Results with the Host Armies of God (Part 3)

| Prayer, Spiritual Authority | No Comments
Believers Can Send the Host Armies of God to Destroy Evil Working with information from Holy Spirit, believers can send the Host Armies of God into enemy territory to destroy the works of Satan. The Host Armies of God use their weapons to defeat and destroy the works of darkness…

Getting Results with the Host Armies of God (Part 2)

| Faith, Prayer, Spiritual Authority | No Comments
Getting Results with the Host Armies of God Prayer warriors are getting results with the Host Armies of God. Combined with traditional methods of prayer and the expertise of the Hosts' they are uprooting evil agendas and exposing wickedness in high places. The Host Armies of God are an important…

Transitioning after the Pandemic – Sara Shallenberger

| Faith, Inspiration & Encouragement, Self Care & Stress Management | No Comments
No one expects a pandemic. We usually do not have a well-thought out plan already in place as a worldwide health crisis unfolds.  But, just as stressful or discorientating as the beginning of a world wiew crisis, can be the transition out of it. We do not have to panic…

Showing Up: Beth Fisher on Hope and Relationships

| Biblical Principles, Faith, Inspiration & Encouragement, Love and Relationships | No Comments
“Relationships based on surface-level knowledge stuff do not last. I read 'What To Expect When You’re Expecting' a thousand times in 9 months, and it did not inform me at all in the same way actually being with my daughter informed me. I learned by being with her, not by…

Rushed to Radiant

| Biblical Principles, Christian Lifestyle, Faith, Inspiration & Encouragement | One Comment
I relished the moment I sat under the canopied tree and heard the birds singing. I felt the sun beaming down upon my arms and looked up into the bright, blue sky. Peace. I had not felt at peace for so long. I realized I craved it. Silence. I had…

Getting Results with the Host Armies of God (Part 1)

| Prayer | 2 Comments
The Church Needs the Host Armies of God The Church needs the Host Armies of God. The Bible warns as the return of Christ approaches, the presence of evil will increase. Portions of society are now moving further away from ethical behavior as new government policies are implemented. There is…

Faith During the Pandemic: Pastor Paula White-Cain

| Christian Lifestyle, Faith, Inspiration & Encouragement, Social Issues, Uncategorized | No Comments
Pastor Paula White-Cain says her faith never wavered throughout the Pandemic. That’s one reason she has been a reliable resource for thousands who questioned theirs during the long months of lockdowns, conflicting information, mask mandates, and vaccines in 2020 and 2021. Churchgoers across the country who were no longer able…
Dining table set with white flowers, glasses, and candles

Table for Two – by Clare Matthews

| Christian Lifestyle, Inspiration & Encouragement, Love and Relationships | No Comments
For once in my life, the “Cinderella Glass Slipper” fits and I’m wearing it!
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A Purpose Bigger Than Me

| Purpose and Fulfillment | 2 Comments
The Petition It was 2012 and I was sorely dissatisfied with my present occupation. I wasn't being stretched at all. Menial jobs made me weary producing nothing more than a paycheck. The only thing that brought me any real joy was singing, but opportunities to sing were rare. Uncertain about…
Beth Fisher

Living Authentically: Beth Fisher on Forgiveness and Decision-Making

| Biblical Principles, Inspiration & Encouragement, Love and Relationships, Personal Development | No Comments
Effective decision-making stems from knowing who you are. You cannot make good decisions if you are constantly at war with yourself, or living under the heavy burdens of guilt and shame. In order to show up consistently in your life, you must practice radical self-love. When I rushed the process,…

Absolutely No Refunds! (Based on the book “I’m Broke & I Couldn’t Care Less!”)

| Biblical Principles, Christian Lifestyle, Goal Setting & Achieving, Personal Development, Purpose and Fulfillment | No Comments
What are you chasing? I often say, "If you spend your life chasing money, you'll spend your life chasing money!" When money and affluent living is your goal, you'll never be satisfied. There will always be the 'newest' and the 'latest.' As a child, my brothers and I enjoyed watching…
Jeweled Crown

Heed His Yes’s

| Biblical Principles, Faith, Goal Setting & Achieving, Inspiration & Encouragement, Purpose and Fulfillment | One Comment
My heart raced so rapidly I thought it would soar right out of my chest. Thump, thump, THUMP! My fingertips went numb. My feet ached in my small, black heels as I listened intently to the emcee announce each of the finalists. Ten lucky ladies would have a spotlight moment.…

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