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Everyone at Life Network for Women believes in fostering unity in the Body of Christ. We believe we have the courage and ability to challenge the status quo. Our faith and passion united will empower our viewers, members, and leaders to bring about not something that is just ‘big’ but something transformative. Our goal is to create a movement and to start it with women.

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Paula Today
with Paula White Cain

Paula Today is hosted by Paula White Cain. Paula is a pastor, renowned life coach, bestselling author, and speaker. Topics of her show include biblical principles, overcoming, and personal development.

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Messages with Kaya

Kaya Jones - Messages with Kaya

Messages with Kaya is hosted by Kaya Jones. Kaya is grammy award winning recording artist and a prominent conservative voice reaching millions on social media. Topics include prayer, faith, and social issues.

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Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher on Life Network for Women

Beth Fisher is an author, speaker, and development coach. Beth shows you how to read the Bible and not feel like a no-good terrible loser sinner as you do. Her latest book is “Remorseless” available everywhere.

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Standing Firm is a Military term

Standing Firm – Clare Matthews

| Christian Lifestyle, Faith, Uncategorized | No Comments
As Believers in Christ Jesus, we are all called to “Rise Victorious.” To be “sure-footed and stable so that others can follow” us as “we follow Christ.”
An image that says, I'm on God's Side.

I’m on God’s Side

| Biblical Principles, Social Issues | No Comments
I’m on God’s side. Conflicts rage. Even internationally, war is in the air and people are pressing us to take sides. Whose side do we take? It’s hard to form an accurate opinion unless it’s your family or country on the line. How do we know which side to choose?…
Moses faces an impossible barrier

He’s the God of Possibilities

| Inspiration & Encouragement | No Comments
He’s the God of possibilities and with God, all things are possible (Mark 10:27). There is nothing to difficult for God (Jeremiah 32:17) and His arm is mighty to save even against the odds. Nothing good is withheld from those who believe in the God of possibilities. Are you facing…

Resting Power = Staying Power – Clare Matthews

| Faith, Inspiration & Encouragement, Uncategorized | No Comments
The ploy of the enemy is to entice us into a "counterfeit rest" where we "exchange God Who Is our Glory for the image of an ox!"
The image is a man's back with a tattoo that reads, "Fear no Man."

Fear No Man

| Biblical Principles, Faith | No Comments
Fear no man is a command. This is evidenced in multiple scriptures. Israel was warned about fearing man. Moses, God’s chosen deliverer in the Old Testament, informed the children of Israel about fearing people. Fearing man was strictly prohibited. When the people of God feared man, God was displeased. Fear…
Meme reflects the title of the article

2022 – The Holy Ghost in You

| Biblical Principles, Love and Relationships, Spiritual Authority | No Comments
“2022, the Holy Ghost in You” is the yearly word of the Lord for the Body of Christ from What You Will. Each year, we receive a word from the Spirit of the Lord that aligns our platform with the plans and purposes of God. This word is the antithesis…

Prosperity Gods’ Way – Sara Shallenberger

| Biblical Principles, Christian Lifestyle, Faith, Uncategorized | One Comment
One of the best definitions I have heard of God's idea of prosperity is PEACE plus INCREASE. Let's look at a few foundational principles of Biblical Prosperity and what it is and what it is not.  God wants you walking in His abundance and prosperity for your life!

Christmas Contentment

| Christian Lifestyle, Faith, Inspiration & Encouragement, Self Care & Stress Management | One Comment
“In our world too, a stable once had something inside it that was bigger than our whole world.”- C.S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia As I type this, my legs aren’t shaved. I haven’t a stitch of makeup on my face and just got back from walking the park, so…

Bible Strong – Clare Matthews – Boldly for Him

| Biblical Principles, Christian Lifestyle, Faith | 3 Comments
Our lives through salvation become a "Living Expression of God" through His Word.
Picture of piggy bank depositing hearts

Depositing the Love of God

| Biblical Principles, Love and Relationships | No Comments
Depositing the love of God is a kingdom commission. We deposit the love of God with the anointing. Making a deposit isn’t the same as impartation. When we impart a thing it is for the purpose of activation. We are activating someone for service. Unlike the impartation, the deposit doesn’t…
Picture of fire shaped like a heart representing Holy Spirit

Knowing Holy Spirit Personally

| Love and Relationships, Spiritual Gifts | No Comments
Knowing Holy Spirit personally is foreign to a lot of Christians. Most don’t understand His operation and purpose. Generally speaking, He is the most misunderstood and least acknowledged member of the Godhead. As the divine nature, He has His own unique distinction. He is the heart of God in the…

Healing – Help I am stuck! – Sara Shallenberger

| Biblical Principles, Faith, Healing | No Comments
Are you in the process of believing God for healing and feel stuck?  Sometimes we when contend for healing, we meet resistance or delays.  Do not give up!  Many people have stood where you are now! If you feel stuck, here are some powerful keys to receiving your healing.

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