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Everyone at Life Network for Women believes in fostering unity in the Body of Christ. We believe we have the courage and ability to challenge the status quo. Our faith and passion united will empower our viewers, members, and leaders to bring about not something that is just ‘big’ but something transformative. Our goal is to create a movement and to start it with women.

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Paula Today
with Paula White Cain

Paula Today is hosted by Paula White Cain. Paula is a pastor, renowned life coach, bestselling author, and speaker. Topics of her show include biblical principles, overcoming, and personal development.

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Messages with Kaya

Kaya Jones - Messages with Kaya

Messages with Kaya is hosted by Kaya Jones. Kaya is grammy award winning recording artist and a prominent conservative voice reaching millions on social media. Topics include prayer, faith, and social issues.

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Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher on Life Network for Women

Beth Fisher is an author, speaker, and development coach. Beth shows you how to read the Bible and not feel like a no-good terrible loser sinner as you do. Her latest book is “Remorseless” available everywhere.

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Healing – Help I am stuck! – Sara Shallenberger

| Biblical Principles, Faith, Healing | No Comments
Are you in the process of believing God for healing and feel stuck?  Sometimes we when contend for healing, we meet resistance or delays.  Do not give up!  Many people have stood where you are now! If you feel stuck, here are some powerful keys to receiving your healing.
Bug hits windshield

Some Days You’re the Windshield

| Inspiration & Encouragement | No Comments
"Some days you're the windshield and some days you're the bug" is a phrase I picked up from a co-worker on a job years ago. It's something I catch myself saying when everything seems to be going wrong. The washing machine won't spin and I'm wringing out cold wet clothes…

What to do to get Healed – Sara Shallenberger

| Biblical Principles, Faith, Healing | No Comments
God's will is always to heal. But sometimes we ask Him to heal us and still find symptoms we have to deal with? Did God not want us healed? Find out why there are actions we have to take to receive healing from God and what those actions are.
Bible reading creates Holy Hunger.

Holy Hunger – Clare Matthews

| Christian Lifestyle, Faith, Uncategorized | No Comments
My friend, if you and I live life on our terms and not God's Terms, we become "Superficial Seekers." People who strive for Spiritual Food through natural means alone.

It’s always God’s will to Heal – Sara Shallenberger

| Biblical Principles, Faith, Healing | No Comments
Everyone of us needs healing of something in our lifetime.  Have you ever wondered if God wanted to heal you? If you think there might be some reason God won't heal you, this article is for you. The GOOD NEWS is that it is ALWAYS  God's will to heal. 
Image that says "When Faith is Tested"

The Testing of Faith

| Faith, Personal Development | 2 Comments
Our response to the testing of faith says a lot about our character as Christians. Even when victory looks impossible, the just are expected to exercise faith. Sometimes, we have to give God the opportunity to come through for us when victory seems impossible. Faith is persistent. It has to…

Cease the Comparison

| Biblical Principles, Christian Lifestyle, Faith, Leadership, Personal Development | One Comment
"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well." Psalm 139:14  ESV I will admit it, at one time, I wanted to be her. I wanted her flowing hair. I wanted her physique. I wanted to be as  courteous, graceful, and kind…

God’s Supernatural Peace – Sara Shallenberger

| Biblical Principles, Christian Lifestyle, Faith, Self Care & Stress Management | 2 Comments
There is nothing more needed today than peace.  Sincere peace. Deep peace. Peace no matter what is happening around us.  You and I can walk in a deep and sincere heart peace even when circumstances around us are not peaceful.  Only God offers us this supernatural peace. Let's look at…
A woman responding to mistreatment by a co-worker

Responding to Mistreatment

| Personal Development, Self Care & Stress Management | No Comments
Responding to mistreatment doesn't have to be problematic. When mistreated by others, our response should be a biblical one. In retaliation to mistreatment, the immature in Christ may resort to nasty retorts and maybe name calling; but the mature in Christ exercise patience. The response of Christians experiencing mistreatment should…
Picture of a plaque with the words: faith, hope, love

Abundant Life with Faith, Hope, and Love

| Biblical Principles, Christian Lifestyle, Faith | No Comments
Photo Credit: The gospel is pleasantly simple; combined with faith, hope, and love, we can meet the requirements of discipleship and live an abundant life in Christ. Jesus produced the fruit of faith, hope, and love when He walked upon the earth demonstrating the kingdom of God in compassion…
The waves reaching the beach depicked A Flood of Healing that is avalibale to the those who will only believe.

“A Flood of Healing” – Clare Matthews

| Biblical Principles, Faith, Inspiration & Encouragement | No Comments
The water reflects the multitudes who need “A Flood of Healing.” It’s a long hot day, and the needs of the people are significant. Overflowing with Love and Compassion, Jesus looks at the crowd and silently begins to pray. 
Image of a person being selected from a group of their peers

Appointed to Produce Results

| Biblical Principles, Christian Lifestyle, Faith | No Comments
Jesus has appointed us to produce results. In the kingdom of God, results reinforce faith in action and secondly, the Bible says faith without works is dead (James 2:26). Using information from agriculture as a basis for explaining faith in action, Jesus points to producing fruit in one of His…

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