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Everyone at Life Network for Women believes in fostering unity in the Body of Christ. We believe we have the courage and ability to challenge the status quo. Our faith and passion united will empower our viewers, members, and leaders to bring about not something that is just ‘big’ but something transformative. Our goal is to create a movement and to start it with women.

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Paula Today
with Paula White Cain

Paula Today is hosted by Paula White Cain. Paula is a pastor, renowned life coach, bestselling author, and speaker. Topics of her show include biblical principles, overcoming, and personal development.

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Messages with Kaya

Kaya Jones - Messages with Kaya

Messages with Kaya is hosted by Kaya Jones. Kaya is grammy award winning recording artist and a prominent conservative voice reaching millions on social media. Topics include prayer, faith, and social issues.

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Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher on Life Network for Women

Beth Fisher is an author, speaker, and development coach. Beth shows you how to read the Bible and not feel like a no-good terrible loser sinner as you do. Her latest book is “Remorseless” available everywhere.

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Dove with The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Gifts of The Holy Spirit

| Biblical Principles, Faith, Spiritual Gifts | No Comments
THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: A BIBLE STUDY WITH GOD WITHIN HER MINISTRIES-ASHLEY ROBBINS WEEK 1 Thank you so much for joining along with me for our Bible Study on The Gifts of the Holy Spirit!  I’m so glad you’re here.  I pray that as you walk through this…
Photo of blue water and blue sky

Dehydrated Spirits

| Inspiration & Encouragement, Personal Development | No Comments
Picture it: a flower without water for a few days. Does it look alive and well? Nope. It is probably starting to shrivel up and die because it has not been hydrated with the life sustaining element called water. In fact, isn’t it a proven fact through science that water…

Failure to Victory – Sara Shallenberger, Power and Pentecost

| Christian Lifestyle, Faith, Spiritual Gifts | No Comments
What challenges this month do you need God's power to push back and through to victory? The power of the Holy Spirit will strengthen you and give you victory as it did for Peter. You do not need to stay stuck in fear or lack the power to keep going…

Walking Inseparably With The Holy Spirit? – Cathy Coppola

| Christian Lifestyle, Inspiration & Encouragement, Spiritual Gifts | No Comments
The Holy Spirit wants to abide with us forever, but will we let Him? He wants to lead us, but we will yield? He wants to teach us and put us in remembrance of all He said, but will we make room for Him? The greatest gift Jesus our teacher…
Hand holding a transparent sphere

The Power Of Transparency

| Christian Lifestyle, Leadership, Personal Development | No Comments
It was Friday night--the beginning of a weekend women’s church retreat. What could be better? God. Food that I didn’t have to prepare. A beautiful hotel. It was going to be good. And then the first speaker opened her mouth… She had been the praise and worship leader in her…

The Road to The Cross Pt. 1 By Harmony Klingenmeyer

| Biblical Principles, Christian Lifestyle, Inspiration & Encouragement | No Comments
Walking The Road to The Cross Via Dolorosa, The Road to the Cross, Old Jerusalem He Knows The Way A few weeks ago, I was preparing a sermon for a worship night at my local church. Many members of our church family were fasting during this time. God began to…

Getting Results – Shifting Economies One Decree at a Time

| Goal Setting & Achieving | 4 Comments
Almost six years ago, I left Nashville, Tennessee for a little country town with less than four thousand souls. It’s a slice of Heaven to anyone who doesn’t need shopping malls, art galleries, and restaurant chains to enjoy life; but even if you’re a person who doesn’t require the extras…
Young Woman surrounded by question marks

The Second Guessing Syndrome by Debra Gaskill

| Inspiration & Encouragement, Personal Development, Self Care & Stress Management | 2 Comments
I walked up to the sign-in table of the Children’s Ministry at the mega church I attended--three young children in tow. You had to get your kids signed in early on Sunday morning or the classes might be full. Happy that I was ahead of schedule, I smiled at the…
water can pouring water on plants in soil

God’s Promise of Freedom – Beth Fisher Devotional on Control

| Biblical Principles, Personal Development, Prayer | No Comments
Isn’t that the hard part? Relinquishing all control in order to have total freedom? What areas of your life are dying because you’re clinging too tightly instead of giving it over to the Master Waterer so it may instead bloom fully?
Paula White Cain and Jonathan Cain worshiping God at City of Destiny in Apopka, Florida

His Word Works – Paula White Cain Sermon on Pentecost

| Biblical Principles | No Comments
When we are walking in accordance with His principles, we position ourselves to receive the outpouring of His Holy Spirit! When you have the power of His grace, the wisdom in His Word, and the supernatural Holy Spirit to empower you, you can do what He has said to do!

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