Are you in the process of believing God for healing and feel stuck? Sometimes we when contend for healing, we meet resistance or delays. Do not give up! Many people have stood where you are now! Here are powerful keys to receiving your healing if you feel stuck.

  1. Back to Basics – the Foundation of Healing is Forgiveness

Sometimes we can get so focused on faith and the process of receiving healing that we forget the foundation of our relationship with Jesus. And that foundation is that God has already provided forgiveness for us.  When we go back to basics and remember we are completely loved and forgiven, the doors of healing open wide.

God has no accusation against us. He neither wants to punish us or withhold any good thing from us because of Jesus’ blood on the mercy seat on our behalf.  Jesus’ love, life and obedience unto death for us, is what has qualified us all to receive healing from God.  Our healing is available as a consequence of Jesus’ work, not our efforts, not our personal merit, not anything we have or have not done.  While we do need to exercise faith to receive healing, our faith does not qualify us.  Jesus does and already has.

It is important to step back sometimes and check our hearts. Go back to basics and receive complete forgiveness in your heart from the Lord In every area of your life.  If we are hanging on to guilt or fear of punishment, it can be a hinderance that blocks His healing from completely manifesting.  Be honest and go to Him with all your mistakes and shortcoming and error and apologize and ASK for His Personal Pardon. Then RECEIVE that pardon by faith. This is such an important and necessary step to do from your heart. It is personal. And it is between you and the Lord.  Forgiveness is a heart issue.

Receive forgiveness from the Heart – forgiveness is not intellectual

Stop beating yourself up and resist all fear that your mistakes are irreversible. They are not. The more faith you exert that Jesus has Personally forgiven you and personally committed to giving you double, Isaiah 61:7-8, and turning the whole thing around for the saving of many, Genesis 50:20, then the easier to let yourself and others off the hook.

Receiving forgiveness currently, for yourself first, is the key that will unlock divine health and have symptoms fall off your life. God is not going to punish you for your mistakes. He is also not going to withhold His highest and best from you either. You have not short-changed God’s ability to move in your life by your mistakes.  Jesus understands human weakness and is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9.

Pass forgiveness on to others – let your heart be free – a healed heart will produce a healed body

When we have received the freedom and healing balm of forgiveness for ourselves, it is easy and natural to just want to pass that on to others.  And this is the next step to clearing the pathway to receiving your healing.

When we have the burden of sin or guilt removed off of ourselves, we do not want anyone else to experience it either. And so, it is easy to pray and root for others to be healed where they need it and receive the goodness of God for themselves. No one sins against us because their lives were going great. Life might have produced a broken person who then in turn is lashing out at us. Forgiveness brings healing to us first for those hurts and then to the people that hurt us.

Do not allow people to try to put strongholds in your thinking by saying ‘that is too awful you can’t forgive that.’

That is not true.

Jesus has forgiven all sin for all time.  The person who hurt you may never ask you for forgiveness or acknowledge wrongs done. The truth, however, is that Jesus has forgiven them and so we can take HIS forgiveness and give it to them anyway. That is what Jesus did on the cross, when in pain and agony He asked His Father to forgive on His behalf. We can always do that as well. And that will keep our hearts free, and bodies and minds healed.

Ask the Lord for wisdom after you have forgiven others from your heart. You will not be able to be friends with everyone, but you will be able to friendly.  You should not repeatedly spend time with people who tear you down, discourage you or do not support you, or who sow bitterness, or criticism into your life.  But you can be respectful to these people and speak kindly of them.

You will need to keep your heart healed however, by maintaining solid boundaries between you and situations that are repetitively painful, discouraging or damaging in some way.   That is part of learning to live healed and in divine health. We are ambassadors of God’s kingdom, here in the world, not of it.  Until that which is perfect is here, we will all need to continue to live wisely and keep the healthy and positive IN our lives, and the negative and damaging influences OUT.

Also, do not spread offense. If you have offense toward someone else, or even yourself, do not repeat or spread to others.

If you do, you might go forward and forgive, but they may not. And then you will have a third or fourth person continuing to bring up that offense, after you have let it go.  Also, others might not have the same difficulty that you have with a person or circumstance. We all have our own backgrounds and vantage points. Help yourself and others by not spreading offense. That will only make it more difficult to overcome.

Keep yourself free by discussing all offense issues with the Lord directly.  Let Him counsel you as to why the circumstance is offensive and how He wants you to handle it.  Keep things simple. Let God be your source. If others have failed you, God will restore that area of your life and give you double.

  1. Watching our Words 

 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

If we say ‘I believe God will heal me one day’ that is good hope and optimism, but that is not Bible faith. Bible Faith is “NOW I have it, faith.’  I am healed NOW, today. TODAY I am the healed of God resisting symptoms in my body. Learn to use your words in FAITH. It is not a word game. It is the truth of God. Jesus healed us 2,000 years ago by His stripes. We receive that healing TODAY. We stand on that healing TODAY.

Take time every day to just rest in the Lord and thank Him that you are ALREADY healed. That is the best way to have healing manifest. Decide to believe that God can not lie and because He says it, it is true, by His stripes you really are healed

Do not take possession of a sickness. Words are real. They either give permission for things to be in our lives or tell things to go. God cannot usurp our will/words. If we say ‘My arthritis, is giving me fits today, but I am healed in Jesus Name’ we are tying God’s hands. ‘My arthritis’ is a term of possession. God cannot remove from us anything we lay claim to. So, learn to speak in Faith. Learn the language of redemption, which says ‘I AM the healed of God from the top of my head to soles of my feet, and I am RESISTING the symptoms of arthritis, thank you for agreeing with me!’

  1. Exercising our Authority as Believers

We each have authority over our own body. If something has gotten in our body, it can get right back out.  This is so important to understand.  But because we carry the final authority or ‘say’ over our bodies, we will need to learn to TALK to our bodies and anything trying to trespass and maintain the boundary of healing ourselves.

To help us with this task, God designed our brains to include the thalamus which is responsible for numerous functions. One of which is that it connects our voice ONLY to our nervous system and other parts of our body. God designed our bodies to respond to OUR voice.  His design has always been that mankind, you and I, rule and reign over our own lives,  in submission to His Word and plan for our lives.

Therefore, even if a doctor says, ‘I see cancer in this part of your body,’ WE can choose to say, ‘I am the healed of God, I have long life strength and health, no cancer can find a place to live inside of me, it has to GO in Jesus Name.’

WE are the final authority of our bodies. Not doctors. Doctors carry revelation and can tell us what is going on inside of our body. And doctors are immensely helpful, and we very much appreciate them and all the good they can do. I love them! But they do not have the authority to put a disease in us, nor command it out. We do.

God designed us so we can decide for ourselves how we are going to live. And use the authority of His Name to drive out anything that got inside of us. 1 Cor. 6:19.

Do not Stay Stuck 

We hope this article has encouraged you today! Healing is simple because Jesus is simple. If you need help believing the Word or receiving your healing, contact us, and let us know how we can help you! God is THE HEALER, there is nothing that is too bad or too sad. We have a three part Healing series here at Life Network for Women  And we have a complete book on Healing that is excellent at teaching the Word and answering common questions people ask about Healing.






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