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An image that says, I'm on God's Side. Biblical Principles

I’m on God’s Side

I’m on God’s side. Conflicts rage. Even internationally, war is in the air and people are pressing us to take sides. Whose side do we take? It’s hard to form an accurate opinion unless it’s your family or country on the line. How do we know which side to choose?…
Cynthia Holloway
March 15, 2022
The image is a man's back with a tattoo that reads, "Fear no Man." Biblical PrinciplesFaith

Fear No Man

Fear no man is a command. This is evidenced in multiple scriptures. Israel was warned about fearing man. Moses, God’s chosen deliverer in the Old Testament, informed the children of Israel about fearing people. Fearing man was strictly prohibited. When the people of God feared man, God was displeased. Fear…
Cynthia Holloway
January 15, 2022

We’ll never be perfect, but we can honor the One who is and always will be."

Leah Hadder
Image that says "When Faith is Tested" FaithPersonal Development

The Testing of Faith

Our response to the testing of faith says a lot about our character as Christians. Even when victory looks impossible, the just are expected to exercise faith. Sometimes, we have to give God the opportunity to come through for us when victory seems impossible. Faith is persistent. It has to…
Cynthia Holloway
October 27, 2021

"Cease the comparison game, Sis! You are amazing. Yes, you really are."

Leah Hadder

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