"Cease the comparison game, Sis! You are amazing. Yes, you really are."

Leah Hadder

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” Psalm 139:14  ESV

I will admit it, at one time, I wanted to be her. I wanted her flowing hair. I wanted her physique. I wanted to be as  courteous, graceful, and kind as she was. She seemed to float across a room. I stomped around. She was elegant. I was elated, eating buffalo wings… with sauce on my face. She was a rock star. I was the fan backstage.

For years people told me I was created just the way God wanted me to be, that He had a plan for me, and designed me for a great purpose. Though, I just couldn’t figure out why He created me “this way, ” when I certainly wanted, “that way.” Well, let’s be real, I wanted a lot of “that ways” (to be thinner, more athletic, a better writer, a stronger pageant competitor, the list continues).

Sometimes we can get so caught up in comparison that when we realize just how deep we have sunk in, it is up to our knees and rising! Well, not literally, yet you understand what I am trying to say.

God created us with gifts. He formed us with abundant love and devotion. He chose to significantly place us in this time period, this season, this year…amongst all others. Why now? Why not earlier? Later? Only He has all the answers and knows the reason(s). It is not my job to try to figure out absolutely everything related to why. I can, though, fulfill the calling that He has bestowed upon me, right now.

Friend, right now is precious. Right now is the best time to stop comparing. Stop idolizing. Stop allowing jealousy and fear to cloud your judgement of how you see yourself. I know what it’s like to pick apart everything about your wellbeing. I have walked down the harsh road of “never enough, I must keep striving for more.” It is exhausting. Turn around, immediately!

Ironically, the lady I idolized became a friend. She opened my eyes to see things about myself that I had ignored. She encouraged me. She mentored me. She motivated me to do my best. As I allowed myself to let go of comparison, my respect grew.

Years later, I sat with crisscrossed legs in a small circle surrounded by teenage girls. I had my Bible and notepad lying in my lap teaching when suddenly, a young teen begins to share with the others. For a brief time she explained how she looked up to me, wanted to be as pretty as I was, as smart, etc. How could someone look at me the way I looked at my former competitor turned friend? How could something like that happen?

Wow! To this day, I count that moment as one of the most special. I was honored to know that she looked up to me-the goofy, silly, not-so-perfect me. Friend, I thought I needed to change completely, but yet God needed me to be me. I believe He wanted me to walk in the abundance and grace He laid out for me.  It was imperative that I continued surrendering to His plan. I had to live as myself, not a copy of another.

The teen did not need the Leah pretending to be another person, she needed me-the true me. I just knew that God must have winked, because at one time I just couldn’t see how He the way He created me would positively impact another but it was. It absolutely was!

Satan utilizes comparison to distract us. He knows that if we spend most of our time and attention comparing ourselves to one another that we will lose focus. Don’t get distracted. Don’t fall into the trap.

Walk in confidence believing and reflecting on the fact that you are a daughter of the King! The Most High! One of the “thousands” of aspects that I adore about God is that you can’t earn His love. He already loves you, even if you’ve been comparing.
It can be so tempting to want to be somebody else, but in His forgiveness and clarity, I hope eventually you’ll see the truth- that for you to be the way that God created you to be is just fine-as in incredible, whole, meant to succeed.
Cease the comparison game, Sis!
You are amazing. Yes, you really are.


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  • Sandra Gilmore says:

    well said! Thanks for the post.

  • I laughed out loud with agreement! “She was the rock star, I was the fan backstage.’ And so true that comparisons are distractions, we each have a unique call that is suited for us and a blessing and necessary in order to build the kingdom. Just be YOU! is still the best advice ever! Amen!

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