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Failure to Victory – Sara Shallenberger, Power and Pentecost

Have you ever felt powerless?  Had the heart to do something but just did not have enough “umph” to push through, complete the task or get the victory? Maybe you feel like this past year has taken the ‘pow’ out of your power!

If you are feeling weak and in need of power, our friend Peter once felt that same way.    Peter loved Jesus, and had committed to Him ‘for the long haul’ saying ‘even if these leave you, I never will.’  (Matt. 26:33) Peter had no shortage of passion or zeal, but had a weakness that manifested in the form of fear in the middle of being questioned around a camp fire after Jesus’s arrest.  His failure  to push back against fear  led to betraying Jesus and the inevitable heartbreak that followed his failing to ‘follow to the end’, at least in that moment.

Power for Victory over Failure

But Peter didn’t stay stuck in his failure to overcome fear, or anything coming against us, and you and I do not either.   No matter how much pressure the enemy puts on us, God promises that His power in us is greater than the thing pushing against us. (1 John 4:4).  Because God is good, He has provided a supernatural power, available to your today,  that will reverse former weakness like fear into boldness, and failure into victory.

The Book of Acts record that just 50 days after His crucifixion, Jesus released and poured out His Spirit in power upon the disciples in the Upper Room.  Jesus did not want His followers frozen in  fear, but sent a supernatural power to turn fear into boldness. The Holy Spirit entered the room with the sound of a rushing wind and hovered over each person in the form of a spiritual flame of fire.  The disciples staggered and stumbled into the street under the influence of the power of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues no5 taught by man.   What happens next is one of the greatest Bible examples we have of a failure turned into an overwhelming victory by the power of the Holy Spirit.

God’s Power gives Supernatural Victory

There is curious crowd there as there was curious people around the campfire after Jesus’s arrest. But THIS time, when Peter is questioned and even mocked –  ‘have you been drinking this early in the morning’ – Peter does not shrink under fear, but rose in boldness, preaching Jesus and salvation and 3,000 are added to the church that day!  Wow!!! That is quite a turnaround!  Peter’s heart to follow Jesus, and God’s enduement of power had joined to result in a past failure becoming his greatest victory to date!  That is good news not only for Peter for you and I as well, as God’s power poured out then, is available to us today to transform fear to boldness and failure to victory!  You do not have to stay defeated or lacking in power or “umph” to push back against anything that is coming against you!

Connect to His Power  

What are you facing this month that you need God’s power to push back on? You do not need to stay stuck in fear or lack the power to keep going against enemy resistance.  God’s power upon us, gives us a supernatural ability to rise up and face challenges with boldness and God’s ability, not our own strength or ideas.  Peter on His own, would not have known how to address the curious crowd, but WITH God’s power, He knew WHAT to say, and had the BOLDNESS to SAY IT.  God partnered with Him to produce not a natural response from the onlooker but supernatural results, as 3,000 responded to Peter’s message and were added to the Church that day.  God’s power will in the same way give you the power to partner with Him, and will result in supernatural results as well in whatever He calls you to do.    !

While John the Baptist had a ministry of baptism for repentance, Jesus has the ministry of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. You can receive this empowerment from Jesus today. His empowerment is for His people, the entire body of Christ, the whosoever will receive from Him. Thank Jesus for being your savior and for His baptism of power.  Then by faith open your mouth and let sound come out, but not in your native tongue.

As you yield your vocal cords, the Holy Spirit upon you will connect with the Spirit inside you and give you the ability to speak in this supernatural language that you did not learn in school. Counter any resistance the enemy might bring, by pressing in, thanking the Lord for giving you the same release of power in your life as His Church walked in the New Testament. As you begin to use this empowerment daily, you will see the power of the Holy Spirit give you pushback against fear and discouragement. This empowerment will also release spiritual gifts and revelation into your life as the Holy Spirit choses.  The issues in your life that you could not handle in your natural ability, will be possible to have victory in with Holy Ghost power partnering with you.   After you have received this baptism, His Spirit will give you great ‘push back’ and ability to walk in victory!

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