No one expects a pandemic.  It is the type of crisis that takes all of us by surprise.  It takes effort to adjust to all the sudden and sometimes unwelcome changes.  From work, to school to home life, everything changes during a pandemic!  You would think as a pandemic ends, all stresses magically ‘lift.’ But that is far from the truth.  There can be just as many adjustments and potential stresses at the END of a pandemic, as there was at the onset.

Recognizing the stress on the back side of a pandemic

On the onset of the pandemic, we had specific stresses. There were changes in our children’s education, and our jobs and churches.  All of our social lives and how we interacted with others changed as the pandemic began.

But the backside of a pandemic has it’s own stresses as well.  Even with vaccines, life is not the same.    Some of us have to return to work, but former child care options are no longer available. Some of us have lost parents or loved ones during the pandemic.  Even for those fortunate to return to a work place, school or church, none of these places are like they were pre pandemic.

Job responsibilities and protocols have shifted, bosses and co-workers, professors and pastors have changed in many instances.  We are in just as great a time of transition NOW as we were 15 months ago.

Mutations of the virus continue to form. There is still uncertainty in how fast markets will bounce back.  People are enjoying more freedom in general, but some are still dealing with  residual fatigue from having the virus even a year ago, making returning to activities a process and not over night.

These are just some of the potential stressors associated with coming out of a season of active pandemic.  And all these stressors and changes can add up.  Here are 10 keys to continuing to walk in strong faith during this transition period.

10 Keys for transitioning out of the pandemic

  1. REST.  And that doesn’t just mean sleep.  Do not over schedule.  Guard your quiet time with the Lord.  Allow yourself daily portions of time where you are NOT scheduled.  Transition periods require extra effort.  You will need more rest not less. Let the Lord work behind the scenes as you rest in Him and trust His Word.
  2.  FALL FORWARD.  (Isaiah 43:19). None of us pick up where we left off pre-pandemic. We move forward.  Whether we are returning to in-class school, or working from the office, school and work THIS year will not be the same experience as pre-pandemic. Look for the NEW. Life is constantly changing even without pandemics. The pandemic has accelerated the PROCESS of change, but God will give you grace to walk through it.
  3. REIMAGINE AND RELEASE.  Many of us said goodbye to traveling ministry, or in person work, or something during the pandemic. Some activities were hard to let go of, but as time passed, the Lord filled the need in a different way. Honor that. You do not NEED  to return to everything you were doing before the pandemic, and you will not be able to.  Let go, release  the past to Jesus.
  4.  COLLABORATE.  Work with a team. Collaboration in art is two or more artists combining ideas and abilities to produce a work neither could do solo.   you have a much different expectation looking at a collaboration that your own work where you can analysis all your decisions. pandemics are like collaborations.  A collaborative understanding that the end result is a combination of some things we control and some things outside of our control helps mitigate stress.  Work with other to pull resources and ideas.
  5.  FAITH FOR DOUBLE.  (Isaiah 61:7). God wants to actively believe Him for double when the enemy has come in and taken from us. Post-pandemic is when God wants to double YOU!  Active faith means daily thanking Him that for your loss/shame, He provides double!  Our active/confessed faith pleases God and releases Him to bring supernatural recompense to us.
  6. COUNSEL AND COMFORT.  Counsel and comfort are 2 important ministries of the Holy Spirit.  We need comfort as we say goodbye to the last 15 months and counsel to know details of how to step into the new. Lean on His Person, Presence and ministry in this transition.
  7. HERE FOR SUCH A TIME.  (Acts 17:26).  You are hand picked to be here NOW. God saw the pandemic and all the other ‘last days’ stresses coming on the earth and chose YOU to be here.   You carry something the Lord has He put in you that other’s specifically need  NOW.  We are in a new season.  Ask the Lord where your leadership, business idea, ministry idea is needed NOW where it was not before. He will show you. You are an essential employee to His plans on this earth! You are designed to overcome in THESE exact days!
  8.  SERVE OTHERS.  The backdrop for Joseph’s comeback was serving in prison, and then a famine.  The backdrop to Daniel becoming second in command was serving the king with his gifts in order to save the lives of the magi.  Breakthrough is born in adversity.  The pandemic is a perfect backdrop to use creative problem solving to meet the needs of others and in doing so start new businesses, ministries or expand what you are already doing.   Being focused on solving the needs of others is a motivator and help to stay God and other focused, not inner focused, which can lead to anxiety and depression.
  9. DON’T FORGET HIS BENEFITS.  (Psalm 103:1-3). Every born again believer has covenant of healing and divine health.  Keep your faith current for divine health, and continue making health a priority during the transition out of the pandemic.  Continue and expand your  exercising, eating right and getting plenty of sleep.  Make laughter and exercise a lifestyle priority.  Both are good medicine, along with prayer and being in the Word daily. (Psalm 107:20).
  10. POWER UP! (Acts 1:8). Pray in the Spirit and stay on your purpose. The greatest help to moving forward no matter and staying connected to your specific purpose is praying in the Spirit. It releases God’s ability to keep you attached to Him, and filled with supernatural joy and ability. 1 Thess 1;6, and any time we pray in the spirit, we are plumb lining to God’s specific plans for us.  Going after these plans allows Him to turn all things in our lives to our good. (Romans 8:28).

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  • Lisa Brush says:

    Thank you Sara for this article. It displays your passion and admiration for God’s people and your impeccable wisdom of His Word. I always gain knowledge of the word because of your way of teaching. This was a great article that needs to be read through more than once! Loved it!

  • Sara says:

    Thank you Lisa for those kind words! Transitions come in all shapes and sizes and it is unusual that the whole world is going through the same one, but I believe God is working in the details of all of our lives to being about something NEW and something GOOD! Let things adjust where needed and keep moving forward! Best days are AHEAD for Gods People!

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